DIY: Chalkboard Frames

I am an avid list maker, with a big problem. . . that my lists tend to be scrawled out on tiny papers, that I then stuff in my pocket, purse or lay on a table. Which means, they are more or less useless. So I knew that I needed a better solution, and I loved the idea of having a chalkboard. This is an easy DIY project for those of us lucky enough to pound nails into our walls. If you are not so lucky check out Twill's cute solution!

a thrifted frame
spray paint
chalk board paint
mini-paint roller (or brush, but the paint roller is ideal for a smooth surface)

1. take the frame apart from the inside chip board.
2. spray paint the frame and paint the chip board with the chalk board paint. Let the chalk board paint dry and do a second coat.

3. Wait for everything to dry and put the painted chip board in the frame. Draw. 

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