Vintage Inspired: Chalkboards

Ever since visiting Ladybird's beautifully vintage-decorated apartment in Minneapolis and seeing her framed chalkboards, I have been on the lookout for a chalkboard on which to write all of my honey-do and grocery lists. The problem with my current house in Portland, however, is that I can't put any nails in the walls. I needed to find another option that was still aesthetically pleasing. I ended up finding chalkboard vinyl decals from Spell It Out Designs on Etsy. Just peel, stick, and write. They are removable when you are finished, so they are perfect for renters like me, but many still have that vintage flair that I love. I am so excited for mine to arrive in the mail, when it does I will make sure I post a photo of it in its new home.


  1. Which one did you get? I am dying to see it, they are so so so cute! -Ladybird

  2. Thanks for the highlight on your blog! I hope you love your decal.