DIY: Repurposed Wee One's Bib

 It is getting down to the wire, and I am still working on handmade gifts. That is the problem with making things yourself, it is easy to just go buy something, but it takes a lot of time to make things. This is one that I just made over the weekend for the plethora of friends who recently popped out their little wee ones.

Terry cloth (can be thrifted towels)
Vintage fabric, thrifted linens or a pattern you like
Snap closures, I love the little pearly ones
A hammer
Sewing machine
Cut out in terry cloth a shape that you like (I used an already made bib as a template)
Then fold it over and place it on a folded over side of your fabric, cut that out. 

Lay the pieces together and attach with stick pins
Then sew it together and cut off any extra bits.
Hammer the snaps on to the ends
Then wash the bib, because terry cloth sheds like a hairy dog. You are done!


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