DIY: Deck the Halls

When you are a twenty something gal, it is hard to go purchase all the fixins for that "just right" tree (see Twill's perfectly thrifted finds). So for the last few years I have been doing what my mother and my grandmother taught me, making the decorations myself! Last year a few friends of mine made a night of it with mulled wine and a few tapas. We had lots of fun making silly ornaments to decorate the communal tree. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive ornaments, that take just a little time and ingenuity. Then just deck that perfect pine with these homemade little bundles.

the stand-by popcorn and cranberry garland

my favorite ornament to make with kids, so easy and they smell fab!

you can DIY: felted balls, acorns and little strings, just add glue!

with a little trip to the local thrift, you could make this on the cheap!

photo ornament! love.

another kid friendly choice, or just you and some friends



  1. An ornament making party sounds like so much fun! I'm going to have to remember that one for next year!

  2. It is great, and then the host gets to keep them all and the following year you can put them up and remember all your amazing friends!

  3. Have you seen the Target commercial where a girl has an ornament party like that? I remember it because she uses her ironing board covered with a tablecloth as a drink table.