The Happenings: Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Black Friday is tomorrow. So in honor of the biggest shopping day, I am giving my top five favorite local shops for reused, vintage, repurposed and handmade gifts! Of course you can always make things yourself and stay warm and cozy at home!

5. Hunt & Gather - This adorable shop is full of great housewares, from decorations and pillows to tables and chairs. Every nook has something surprising.

 4. Electric Fetus- Great record shop that carries a variety of local bands. You are sure to find some amazing music. Bonus, they are having a 20% off "Black Friday" sale!

3. Crafty Planet- I often go in this shop just to look at the beautiful fabrics. For that crafty person, the gift of a sewing class is just the thing!

2. The Wild Rumpus- Local bookstore, dedicated to kids, is the perfect place to pick up that children's classic to read with a young person in your life.

1. Rewind! - One of my all time favorite Minneapolis vintage clothing shops, they are always stocked full to the brim, and I never leave without dropping a large sum of money. Their accessories are incredible, the perfect place to find a gift for that special someone. . . or to re-vamp your own wardrobe for the Holiday season.

Of course, if you can wait a few weeks check out the Mighty Swell sale! We will have tons of gifts and party clothes, a little something for everyone.

Happy crafting, shopping, and thrifting!

- Ladybird


  1. I LOVE Hunt and Gather! It's like a treasure hunt each time you go!
    ps. Based a tip from your blog, I am going to check out the Cottage House this weekend. It looks amazing!

  2. That is fantastic! Happy hunting at Cottage House, I hope you find some treasures!