Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to bed early tonight and getting up in the wee hours of the morning to hop the train to the airport. Alex and I are spending Thanksgiving with his family in San Francisco this year. It is a new experience for me, being away from Minnesota or at least my Minnesota family for the holidays, but I love San Francisco and his family really treats me like one of their own. I hope to help cook, eat, drink wine and pumpkin beer, give so many hugs, and get caught up on what everyone has been up to. We are also going on one of Mr. Toad's vintage touring cars. It should be a blast and I will return on Monday with some great Bay Area photos and stories. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Also, I love this 1962 children's travel book, This is San Francisco by Czech author-illustrator Miroslav Sasek. I came across the reissue on a recent trip to Anthropologie and the illustrations are outstanding. The author has written these children's travel guides for places all over the world, they would make a good gift for the traveler in your life.


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