DIY: Trompe l' Oeil Headboard

 Since I moved into my apartment, I have been working on "headboard" ideas. I decided not to get a bed frame, because before this apartment, I owned just about nothing, and it was getting expensive to keep up with the random things that you need living solo. So I had been thinking about ideas for a cheap, but totally rad headboard. I made a stencil in an old apartment, and i really like the look of that, but this time I wanted to make it something really special. So I went to Savers, my local standby thrift, and found a $4.00 piece of lace with a design I liked. Then, inspired, I went to work figuring out how to create the idea in my head.
my bedroom before

What you need:
Lace fabric the size of your headboard, thrifted lace is perfect on the cheap.
A newspaper taped together the size of your headboard
Painting tape
Double sided tape
Spray paint

1. Tape the lace, making sure to measure the center and put a little dot

2. Tape the newspaper together into one large sheet using the double sided tape

3. Fold the paper in half and draw half of your design making sure the middle is on the fold

4. Cut out your design, retaining the top part, tape it on top of the lace, making sure to line up the center with your measured center

5. Get out your spray paint and go wild

6. Remove the lace and paper from the wall, and you have yourself a cheap, handmade, awesome headboard!

The hardest part of this project was picking a shape. In the end, I went pretty simple, but I think that let the pattern and design show through. If you make one yourself, I would love to see how it turns out. This was an experiment for me, and I am very happy with the results.


  1. What a great idea! Your bedroom is so lovely. I like the candle sconces.

  2. This is a wonderful idea and your results turned out beautifully. I love the shape that you decided upon and the beautiful photo set.

  3. This is a GREAT IDEA!!!!! Cheap & Easy; but it REALL looks GGGOOOOOODDD!!!!!

  4. I just came accross your blog and love this idea! I would love to feature you on my blog... let me know! ladykipp.blogspot.com

  5. Of course you can Lady Kipp, we would love it. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at teacupvintageonwheels@gmail.com.

  6. I absolutely adored this. So brilliant. I featured you on Momcaster: http://momcaster.com/2012/01/08/make-a-headboard.

    Again - fantastic!

  7. Love this idea putting on my blog if that is ok! also put on pinterest!

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