Vintage Inspired: Paint by Numbers Rug

Vintage Paint by Numbers were created by Dan Robbins and Max Klein in the 1950's. Robbins was working for Klein at the Palmer Paint Company and asked to create something that could make everyone an artist; Essentially mass produced art for the lay-person.  The very concept sneers at "high art," giving everyone the opportunity to have their own "Van Gogh" or "Mona Lisa." Soon, the Paint by Numbers phenomenon took off, selling over 12 million kits. Today these kitschy pieces of "art" are collectors items. With their distinct color pallet and perfectly cheesy nature scenes, they are a great addition to a vintage inspired home.

I have been in love with the nature scenes for awhile, and when looking for rugs I stumbled upon the most amazing giant paint by numbers rug at Anthropologie.  Over the course of a few weeks, I finally decided to purchase it, luckily it had gone on sale. Oh how I love my masterpiece, it is so cute that I can hardly walk on it (defeating the very purpose of owning a rug)!

-Alea Ladybird

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