Vintage Bicycles

Spring has sprung, and the wheels of my bike are itching to hit the pavement. I have had a plethora of vintage bikes in my day, all thrifted or dusted off from the dark corners of my grandparents garage; All but my most current, stolen or misplaced (thank you Madison). I love a traditional vintage cruiser, they are so stylish, comfortable and lady-like. The down side is that they are really heavy and require a lot of up keep. So I have been looking for a lighter model than my current. So far I think this means going with a new one, but as bike season is upon us, I thought we could take a look back at some of my old favorites.
Negligence on my part, this bike was left on my porch, unlocked.

lost to the elements and the incredible amount of work it needed

The metal bar I had attached this to was unscrewed from the ground.

This one was locked to a wooden railing, which was sawed through.

My current cruiser, still in my possession.


  1. i can't wait to start biking again!!! i need to get myself a cute little cruiser. love the first one, what a shame it was "lost".

  2. Oh dear, I can relate! I have had 3 bikes stolen in the past 3 years... And it always happens when you decide "okay, now THIS is the perfect bike".
    At least you keep finding cute replacements!

  3. A bicycle in the living room? Hilarious!

  4. I know "hounds" is it time to laugh about it yet?