Repurposed: Vintage Doilies

There are a few things that I keep an eye out for whenever I go thrifting; aprons, vintage linens, tea towels and lacy doilies are just a few. So far, they work well as coasters or just under a potted plant, but with spring here, and my creative juices flowing again, I started thinking about what else I could do with the massive amounts of doilies I have acquired. Here are a few fab DIY projects I am dying to try.  They seem to be all the rage this season. . . what new trends are you noticing?
- Alea (Ladybird)
never be late for tea again!

mood lighting

add a bit of flair to a simple pillow

great DIY tutorial, so cute, can't wait to sport my own.

starch, cut, instant snowflake!

*swoon* love the patterns this lamp creates; you can buy them here.

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