What We Wore to the Happenings: Aladdin and Polka Dots

So all in all it was a good week. I got a part-time nanny job here in Portland, right near my house, with two delightful little girls who will appreciate my vintage dress-up style. I went to a Great Big Sea concert (one of Alex's favorite bands) and I love all of the different instruments they use: mandolin, flute, accordian, bodhrin drum, and the new addition of the harmonica, on top of bass, guitar, and drums. It was funny because we were at the HUB bar before the show at the Aladdin and some good old Bob Dylan was playing and I said, "Boy do I love me some harmonica." Alex said, "Great Big Sea uses a lot of instruments, but I don't think they play the harmonica." Low and behold, their new album is filled with harmonica playing. Loved it.

I wore: Vintage wool olive green polka dotted high-waisted skirt, black tank (Target), thrifted black cardigan, black tights (American Apparel), green vintage leather purse, black moccasin booties (Minnetonka Moccasins).

For a cherry on top, yesterday was Portland's Largest Garage Sale, and I met some lovely older women who were parting with some great vintage goods! I came home with my trunk full of new old things for the shop and a few I just can't part with.


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