The Happenings: A Note in the Pocket

I was at an estate sale last weekend, and found some great vintage goods. As I was checking out, the granddaughter of the woman whose things were being sold said, "Did you check the pockets? Grandma was always putting things in her pockets, little notes and things." It was busy, so I didn't do it right then, but as I was organizing things for the Mighty Swell sale, I checked the pockets. Inside of this lovely sweater coat was a detailed handwritten list, on a page of a tear-off desk calendar, all of the times she had worn this coat and when/where she purchased it: the date, where she was, what she did, who she was with, etc. I for one am a big list maker, constantly trying to organize my life, my belongings, my to-dos, but I have never thought of doing this. What a grand idea to remember the simple details of life through clothing!



  1. Grandma might have put a note in her pocket along with a tissue. Handwriting from the past is amazing to read. Today we use computers so much that the art of handwriting is getting lost.

  2. That is so true, actually I was just looking for Grandma's "things that please me" you don't happen to have that do you?

  3. reason #1 why i love vintage clothing...the stories they tell! what a great find!