DIY: Vintage Suitcase Table

After yesterday's blog, I just had to find out how to make the vintage suitcase table. Here is a DIY, courtesy of Good Housekeeping.  This could be a bedside table, an end table, or open it up and put a cozy pillow inside for a pet bed. I especially love two at the end of the bed to store linens.

Materials Needed:
Old, hard-sided suitcase; find one at a flea market or on eBay (where some are as low as $10)
• Four table legs (available on homedepot.com)
• Four angled top plates and 16 screws (available on homedepot.com)
• Particleboard or MDF (cut to fit your suitcase)
• Drill 

Step 1:

From your local hardware store, pick up a piece of particleboard or MDF. You can either have them cut it to fit the dimensions of the inside of your suitcase, or you can cut at home with a jigsaw. You’ll need to angle the corners as shown, as most hard-sided suitcases have rounded edges.
 Step 2:

Place the cut-out piece on top of a tall stool, then place the suitcase on top of the cutout. (This will push the board up against the bottom of the suitcase so you can drill the plates). Position a top plate in each corner of the suitcase and secure it to the case with screws long enough to go through the plate, the suitcase, and half the depth of the particleboard. Repeat for the other three plates.

Step 3:

Affix legs onto plates through the center hole, by twisting on. Case closed.



  1. Thank You! This is the Best way I've seen to do this online & I've been looking at a lot. Easy to understand instructions! Awesome now I can make my table.