Recipe + Vintage Glasses : Micheladas

 My grandpa in Mexico, had a tradition of a 3:00 "coochie coochie" time, a time for a drink and some snacks and lots of jokes. In honor of my gramps, I made some micheladas. These are not up to par with the ones we had in Mexico, but they are wonderful and refreshing on a warm summer day!

a few splashes of Maggie sauce
2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
2 key limes
sea salt rim
Use a lime to rim the glass, then dip it in salt, start with about 2 limes worth of juice, a few squirts of Maggie and Worcestershire then add tobasco to taste. Finally, top off with corona. Cheers to you Papa Bu!


  1. always have wanted to try one. Salute!

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