This Old House: Mayonnaise for Water Rings

Do you remember me writing about my new-to-me antique farmhouse dining room table? Well somehow, I managed to set a water glass directly on it absent-mindedly in the first week of owning it, and a nice white water ring set in. I was so discouraged, how could it have been used since the late 1800's with only a few scratches and slight dulling of its beautiful dark wood finish and I have it for a week and make an ugly white circle? After some soul and web searching, I found numerous sources stating that full-fat mayonnaise would do the trick. I figured I didn't have much to lose, slathered a few tablespoons of it on the ring, rubbed it in a little, and left it on overnight. I woke up the next morning, wiped it clean with a damp rag, and it was gone! I was so impressed with this trick, I just had to share. This would be great for flea-market or thrifted finds with this same problem, it literally made the table good as new. From now on I will be encouraging the use of thrifted little doilies as coasters. So cute.

Photo Source: NY Times

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