A Very Vintage Day: Couch Hunting

Twill and I spent the day together thrifting and vintage hunting, looking for apartment decor. I was on the hunt for a couch. We started at Cottage House where Twill found a great chair. Then we went to Broders for lunch, a great panini and salad were inhaled. And then off to Hunt and Gather. In the end, I think I found my couch! A great day spent with my favorite lady.

Twill wore a flannel skirt from American Apparel, a thrifted skinny leather belt, a J. Crew tank, a  ruffly sweater from Ambiance San Fran, Target tights, Minnetonka Moccasins and an adorable locket from an estate sale, soon to hold a picture of me ;)

- Ladybird

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  1. sounds like a beautiful day! love the couch! also, i love all those stores!