What We Wore: Lazy Day

In the winter, when the snow isn't quite fluffy and the temp is nearing zero, I tend to stay close to home. Today I listened to some records and danced (trying to keep my new years goals) and brewed some tea. What have you been listening to lately? I am loving last year's Deerhunter album.
I wore a vintage wrap green checkered skirt, a zara white frilly shirt, dark green tights from a calcetines shop in Spain, and red leather booties from Spain.


  1. I love that you dressed this way just to have a lazy day at home. It's hard for me to break out of pajamas on those days.
    ps. Those boots are bitchin!

  2. Ha! Dressing up always makes me feel like those lazy days are not so lazy, but there are many pajama days for me too! I just choose not to post about them.