What We Wore: Sun and Ales

It was sunny with blue skies and 45 degrees here in Portland over the weekend! I have to say I like the winters here much better than in MN, I think all the talk of rain, rain, rain is just an attempt to keep sunny Californians from moving here. If you are coming from the Midwest, it is a piece of cake, with freshly whipped cream on top, and a bowl full of cherries. Fiona, my cat, was enjoying the weather (from inside the house) as well. We have a lovely little window ledge just big enough for furry ones to bask in the sunlight.

I wore: vintage long-sleeved autumn paisley dress, black tights, Target, black braided cotton belt, American Apparel, camel ballet flats, Gap.

In the afternoon we walked to the Holiday Ale Fest downtown. It was our first actual festival since moving here, and Portland has many to choose from. They set up a heated clear tent in the middle of Pioneer Square so you could see the city's architecture and huge lit tree while cozy indoors. The beers had the funniest names (Very Noddy Lager, Lost Glove, Blitzen) and the people were a hoot. I think they were having a "woo-girl" contest to see how many loud "woos" would carry through the crowd. Yes, winter ales have higher alcohol content and you could tell by just looking around, but it made for some very interesting people watching! I also loved the cinnamon sugar crusted roasted pecans from the Nut Lovers stand. I will have to find a recipe for that soon.

Outside, I wore: vintage inspired 3/4 sleeve wool coat, Ambiance San Francisco, camel scarf, thrifted, red mittens, Gap.


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