What We Wore: Not Appropriate Snow Gear

What a blustery day! I arrived in Minneapolis on Friday to help set up the Mighty Swell sale and to celebrate my Mom's birthday, but apparently Mother Nature had other plans. I arrived just in time for the biggest blizzard in over twenty years. Ladybird and I tried so hard to get to Tarnish and Gold yesterday, but repeatedly got stuck in the snow and never made it. We were very sad, but are hoping for the best today with new Sunday pop-up hours from 10-7. There was a great community feel in the neighborhood, which was really nice to see, everyone bundled up from head to toe, pushing and shoveling and bucketing each other's cars out of the snowbanks. We took some photos of our snowy adventure, up to our knees in white fluff.
-Twill (and Ladybird)


  1. I got two beautiful shirts from you. They are so cute! Thanks!

  2. We are so glad that you made it to the sale! What a trooper you are, and how wonderful that you found some cute clothes to boot. Happy to help with your wardrobe needs ;)