DIY: Reusable Gift Bags

I cringe at the thought of all the waste that goes into the gift giving holidays, from the plastic bags you get to carry your purchases home in, to the plastic or paper encasing your gift, and then the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons. I am still one for style, but lets try to do it in a more eco-friendly way! First, just say no to plastic bags, you can find so many cute options for a reusable grocery bag or shopping bag, there is really no excuse. Second, buy re-used or local gifts, not only does it cut down on the gas needed for transportation, but also will help your local mom and pop shop. Next, find fun solutions to wrapping gifts.

This year, I decided to make drawstring gift bags. They are so cute that they become part of the gift.

What you need:
Vintage bed sheets or fabric of your liking
A sewing machine
Thrifted string or ribbon
A safety pin

First, cut out a rectangle of fabric, using the top edge of the bed sheets (this part is usually already folded over, making it perfect for threading the drawstring!)

Next, with the reverse side facing out, fold the fabric so the two cut edges touch. Sew these together.

Then, turn the seem that you just made so it is in the middle of the now tube of fabric, lay flat and sew up the bottom, it creates a T.

Reverse the fabric and cut two small slits, one on each side of the middle seem, making sure not to go through both pieces of fabric, as you just want to cut the top layer. Then attach the safety pin to the ribbon and thread the ribbon through one hole and out the other. Cut off the extra ribbon.

You are finished!

Make them yourself or come to Mighty Swell where we will have them on sale! Have fun greening your holidays!

- Ladybird

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