DIY: Bookish Holiday

I found this amazing 70's book, "Treasury of Christmas Decorations." It has some classic ideas, and some that may be best forgotten. Decorating for seasons is a love of mine, ever since my mother spray painted a branch white and let us decorate an "Easter tree." I love coming up with interesting repurposed decorations.

While I was at the grocery store, I picked up Real Simple, and perused it. There was a really great holiday decoration that I knew would be perfect for my tiny little pad. Being a book nerd, this seemed to fit both the holidays and me to a T! I changed it a little, as I like to do, enjoy!

What you need:

10+  hard cover books in red and green or all of one color  in various sizes (I only had 8 on hand, but my tree will keep growing as I find more books)
2 glass jars (or 5 small brown hardcover books)
1 small strand of LED lights
1 pair of vintage glasses (or a bow)

1. Put the LED lights into one of the glass jars, set the two jars next to each other, make sure the strand can reach an outlet (Base can also be made just using 5 or so small brown book, for more stability)
2. Open all the red and green books to the middle
3. Stack in size order on top of the glass jars (or neutral books), starting with the largest on the bottom
4. For a nerdy finishing touch, make the glasses the bow to the top of your tree, Ta Da!


  1. That is sweet! I never would have thought of anything like that. Cute, cute, cute!

  2. ANDDDD...that is adorable. Seriously creative! The glasses topper is almost too much for me to handle ;)