The Happenings: Wine

This weekend, some friends from Minneapolis came to visit. We started out at one of our many favorite brewpubs in our neighborhood, New Old Lompoc, then headed to the middle of the eastside industrial area, literally under the Morrison bridge, to Le Bistro Montage for some deliciously creamy garlic mac and cheese. They wrap your leftovers in quirky tin foil animal shapes and are open late.

Early Saturday we met for breakfast at Besaw's, where we sat on the heated three season porch (one of my favorite things about going out in Portland are the heated porches and outdoor seating, even when it's drizzling). The rest of the day was spent in wine country. Angela and Chris had lived in Portland for many years before moving to Minneapolis, so they had the inside scoop of where some of the best views and pinots could be found.

My bright vintage skirt, along with the seemingly endless rows of grapes, really brightened up the dreary day (not to mention the glass of wine, or three).


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