What We Wore to Happenings: Rock, Flag, and Eagle

The midterm election is coming up in a little over a week. For many states, this election is close, and Minnesota is no exception. Being the political minded person I am, I volunteered to help out at the DFL rally where Obama came to speak on behalf of Mark Dayton. The line to get into the field house was ten thousand people long, snaking all over the U of M campus. It was a pretty incredible turnout for a gray "tut tut it looks like rain" day. Inside the field house, we heard some passionate speeches. Al Franken was a highlight, he is an amazing orator. Obama, as usual, was inspiring. What a very patriotic day. Get out and vote!


What I wore: a vintage democratic donkey bought at a swap in San Diego and a red, white and blue plaid button up blouse with jeans and vintage leather loafers, to top it all off I sported my grandmother's glasses!


  1. i wore a vintage (2008) Obama tee shirt and knit sweater from Rewind vintage, plus my Buddy Holly glasses that scream I voted for JFK!

    oh and you forgot to mention how amazing our man Al was!

  2. haha, love you for the what you wore update! And I am so jel of your Buddy Holly glasses, or maybe Oliver Peoples next? Oh and I did mention Al, check the top of the post.