The Happenings: Camp

Alex and I spent the weekend at Lost Lake. It was the last weekend they were officially open for the season (I guess if you are brave you can go throughout the winter as well) and it was the first time I have seen Mt. Hood up close since moving to Portland. The drive there was beautiful, we passed many orchards filled with pear, plum, and apple trees. We pitched our tent in the dark, zipped our sleeping bags together (they fit perfectly), and roasted marshmallows by the fire. I had the idea of using Halloween candy (almond joy, kit kat, and reese's) in addition to plain chocolate for our s'mores and boy were they tasty. It was so very chilly at night, it had to be in the thirties, and our wool blanket inside our sleeping bags was a necessity. I wore exactly two pairs of pants, two pairs of wool socks, four shirts, and a wool hat to bed and it was still a bit nippy. During the day, however, the weather was absolutely perfect. The sky was blue, the leaves were changing colors on the hills, and the trees were taller than skyscrapers all around. Out on the lake, we went fishing for rainbow trout, drank some pumpkin beer, and paddled our old row boat enjoying the view. On our way home we saw a barn owl, just sitting on a fence post alongside the road, at the old farm where I dream of having a photo shoot for our shop. Fields of wheat, dark brown horses, and an old barn in need of a new coat of paint.

I love being away from it all for a while, simplifying life, if even for a few days. My vintage scarf really kept the unwashed hair at bay.


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