The Shop: Dreaming of a Vintage Trailer

We have been thinking about how to get our shop up and running for some time now, and although we are intrigued by the idea of having an online vintage store, we want more than that. We want the interaction, a way to host vintage-inspired, dress-up tea parties for children, and to sell warm cups of tea while people shop for women's and children's vintage clothing. We have considered trying to get a food cart and expand it to selling retail (the food cart business is thriving in Portland, and Ladybird had experienced it back at the University of Madison as well). We were thinking today, how clever it would be to find a vintage travel trailer to house our beautiful wares and teacups! We could come to festivals, different neighborhoods, flea markets, and sell our goods, maybe settling in a lovely food cart pod along the way. I'm not sure if there are other folks doing this around here, but if they are, we would love to be your neighbor and start a mobile shopping community in Portland! Spring 2012? 


photo source: one. two. three. four.

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