Happy Birthdays

Today is my birthday and ever since I can remember, my mom has been throwing birthday parties to remember. I think with all parties, it is the attention to detail that makes memories stick. Powdered sugar donuts hanging by string from the ceiling-using only our mouths to eat them, sipping sparkling juice out of fancy glasses, balloons tied to your chair with a pretty little bow, homemade cupcakes in different flavors, a loud singing choir of all your favorite people, and don't forget the party hats!

Being organizers at heart and teachers by trade, I think Ladybird and I should add party planners to our list of will-dos. I think with our suitcases of fine vintage wares, we could throw the vintage inspired, dress-up tea party of the century! I see hats, bows, ribbons, jewelry, shawls, scarves, high heeled shoes, vintage teacups and saucers, floral handkerchief napkins, pink lemonade in little jam jars, finger cakes and cookies, lovely crafts, paper flowers, and maybe some sort of homemade photo booth.


photo source: one. two. three. four

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