Teacup Vintage

Teacup Vintage was created by a duo of twenty-somethings who have shared 15 years of friendship. We have a love for all things vintage and child-friendly. Our adventures in vintage and thrifting started when we were wee tots and our grandmothers insisted on making all the dresses our moms couldn't find at the local thrift. We have fond memories of wearing those dresses (lovely little ladies with skinned knees), sitting criss-cross applesauce on hand crocheted afghans, wearing hundreds of "pearls", and sipping peppermint tea. When we were teenagers, we raided our mothers' closets and wore everything from hand-made 70's prom dresses to bell-bottoms (photos to come, you are in for a treat). We both went to University for education and continue to work with children as nannies and teachers. We love to write about vintage and handmade wares, children, tea parties, cooking, travel, and the big and small adventures in our everyday lives.

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